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Polyglycan - C.R. Johnson

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the findings of this study do not correlate with what I have seen in 9 years of using this product in a clinical setting, and I disagree with the conclusion that Polyglycan® may be harmful to the joint when administered IV.
Although the experimental model used in this study is the best model available for measuring changes in the joint environment using different medications, in my opinion, the model, as an acute chip fracture, does not replicate the disease process that I see in practice. Hopefully, the findings of this article will lead to new experiments & new discoveries about the processes involved with osteoarthritis.

C.R. Johnson, DVM, MS, DACVS
Equine Surgical Services, Versailles, KY

Veterinarian response to a recently published study & article that raised concerns of Polyglycan® safety if adminstered intravenously.

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