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Confidence EQ - Pamela Spatz

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I have a colt who was feral when I rescued him but progressed wonderfully through his training. When it came time to move him to a new pasture, I was very apprehensive about trailering. He only had one trailering experience in his life, and it was coming to me from where he was captured — it didn’t go well. I heard great things about Confidence EQ® from my veterinary customers who use it in their practices, and I had a sample packet on hand. So, I decided to use it before we trailered him. I am still in shock as to how smoothly things went. My little formerly feral colt walked up and looked at the trailer, alert yet relaxed. He stood there for a moment, and then followed me into the trailer like a seasoned pro! I love that he was tranquil but not tranquilized. He was well aware of what was going on, but comfortable and taking it all in. It was truly a learning experience for him! As a Henry Schein Animal Health representative, I can now wholeheartedly endorse Confidence EQ with a personal experience to back it up!


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